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We have over 10 years of experience in recruiting models for anti-aging workshops for both face and body procedures, (injections, anti-cellulite, etc….).
We recruit in France, in Europe… and in fact, all over the world.


Whether aimed at professionals, consumers in general or specifically at your patients, your audiovisual project can be designed for information or training purposes (a highly effective learning tool), for reinforcing a public awareness campaign or simply to inform patients whilst they sit in the waiting room.

Esthétique Modèle  Agency provides a range of solutions and dedicates the necessary manpower throughout the entire creative process. Our film crews, scriptwriters, video makers, video editors, 3D motion & CG picture graphic designers are there to produce: documentary-style videos (about your team, your institution, a specific procedure or medical issue…), a video designed for the waiting room, a training video, a film clip to show at conferences or trade shows or a live video from the operating theatre.

Animation makes for rapid and effective commentary. Esthétique Modèle Agency pools its medical, scientific know-how and groundbreaking motion design techniques to breath life into your 2 and 3D projects. Audiovisual delivers on so many fronts, especially from a technological point of view. Using a scientific perspective, you can demonstrate and illustrate a new idea, a medical technique, a surgical procedure, either as part of training, to reach fellow professionals or patients. Audiovisual is excellent for enhancing and complementing any scientific project you may have in mind, instantly increasing its impact on the audience.

 A picture speaks 1000 words! With artistic flair and distinctive professional staging, Esthétique Modèle Agency will positively boost your image and put you, your brand and teams in the very best light. From documentary-style to studio shots, our excellent artistic directors and photographers can offer a multitude of options and have the creative know-how to really showcase your products, services and teams. Define your style and stature: build confidence in your brand, your practice, organization or institute. Humanize scientific debate. Make it matter. Make it real. Connect with those who count.

Esthetique Modele Agency has been assisting healthcare professional partners in the follow-up of their training workshops for 10 years – our team specializes in “before/after” photography of models.

Put your event in the hands of professionals – Esthétique Modèle Agency is a specialist agency with a wealth of experience in medical event management.  We can handle the entire organization of your event from idea generation through to the actual event. Thanks to our selective networking and top-notch service provider contacts, we are able to offer a wide range of possibilities for organizing your conference, seminar, workshops, product launch parties, inauguration days or symposia. On top of that, we can also provide access to a website specifically dedicated to recruiting models from all over the world – a platform that puts potential candidates in touch with both pharmaceutical companies and doctors, for all their workshops and demonstrations.

Esthétique Modèle Agency has developed solid, trusting relationships with different healthcare players: local authorities & public institutions, healthcare professionals, experts, journalists and the specialist press. We have created links to everyone who matters in healthcare circles. From strategy advice to going to press, we provide relevant proposals for your product launches and media coverage for your activity. Our service is comprehensive to optimize the media reach that you are seeking. Karma Health is at your side to help you design your media strategy and to showcase you, your services, expertise and products via press conferences, press releases or press pack.

Your patients will be able to directly download your App from both the App Store and Google Play Store. We have developed our own, in-house and exclusive medical records programme for doctors – allowing your patients to update their treatment schedule and for you to keep track of their patient history, zones where they have been treated and the products used. The App generates an entire medical file for each patient; pooling medical details, consent forms, before/after photos; details of products used, the quantities injected and the areas treated. Data is secure and can be shared at the simple touch of a key on your computer keyboard (a pdf version of the entire file can instantly be forwarded to your secretary in one click)