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Are you looking for models for an aesthetic medicine training workshop in France, Europe or further afield?

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Esthétique Modèle Agency provides assistance to healthcare professional partners in their search for modelling applicants for their injection training/demonstration workshops for fillers and anti-ageing products like hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, but also for thread liftings and chemical peels….. These are workshops using the latest anti-ageing techniques for the face.
Over the recent years, Esthétique Modèle Agency has considerably expanded its reach and can offer our partner doctors and pharmaceutical companies modelling candidates for a whole range of beauty care workshops: body contouring; laser; cryolipolysis; anti-cellulite; liposuction…


We handle model selection to make your aesthetic medicine training workshops run smoothly. Esthétique Modèle Agency will source, select and present you with candidates for your workshop in line with your specified requirements. We provide HD photos of front, left and right facial profiles (90°) and all the relevant paperwork. Esthétique Modèle Agency offers a bespoke service on a case-by-case basis depending on your requirements and specific treatment needs.

Esthétique Modèle Agency for model recruitment in France, Europe and beyond

We handle model selection for aesthetic medicine training/demonstration workshops worldwide and we are always up to date with all international conferences. Our team is multinational and we source candidates to fit your requirements from the biggest cities all over France (Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse, Toulon, Nice, Montpellier, Bordeaux…), throughout Europe (Monaco, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Lisbon, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Genève, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Oslo) and also further afield (in Brazil, USA, Canada, Thailand, Japan…)

What type of candidate can we offer and for which kind of workshop?


We are keen followers of any changes in treatment development and we will only offer treatments to our applicants that have already been tried and tested on the market. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can a treatment equate to a clinical trial prior to commercial approval or its release on the market. Esthétique Modèle Agency proposes medical workshops/events to its registered candidates only where the products used have been tried and tested on the market for a number of years or where the aim of the workshop is for a specialist to train a doctor. The aim of the workshop we offer to our candidates is to bring to the fore the professionalism of the practitioner vis à vis his/her colleagues during their training/demonstration.

As one of our registered partners (doctor or pharmaceutical company) you will be required to respect our recruitment conditions: selected models who have participated in your workshop cannot subsequently be approached directly by you for a future workshop, under penalty of dismissal and fines. As the Esthétique Modèle Agency database requires particularly close monitoring (for both workshops and participating applicants) this would create difficulties and unpredictability in our follow-up management.


Esthétique Modèle Agency works with an extensive range of healthcare professionals (doctors, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, medical reps and healthcare institutions). We work together with the world’s leading dermatological pharmaceutical companies whose expertise and reputation ensure optimum care of models chosen to participate in their workshops and other organized events.