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Thread lifting



By registering with Esthétique Modèle Agency, you stand to benefit from a free treatment using thread lifting techniques carried out by an aesthetic medicine professional.

By registering with Esthetique Modele Agency, you stand to benefit from a free treatment using thread lifting techniques carried out by an aesthetic medicine professional. Esthetique Modele Agency works hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals and acts as a go-between in passing on information about thread lifts. However, this information cannot be considered a substitute for information and advice given by the consulting doctor. Once registered on the Esthetique Modele Agency website, you can potentially discover the benefits of thread lifting performed during aesthetic medicine workshops/demonstrations.


Important: Esthetique Modele Agency shall in no way whatsoever be held responsible for any ensuing damages resulting from outdated or erroneous information incorporated in or omitted from their website, or for any misunderstanding of the same by a visitor to the website. The onus is entirely on you to first check with your own doctor that your state of health allows you to participate in one of the workshops proposed by Esthetique Modele Agency, on their website.

The information provided on this website is not designed to replace the recommendations and advice of your own doctor.


Different types of threads used:

  • Thread lifting technique using fine “barbed” threads
  • Thread lifting technique to give a more youthful appearance
  • Thread lifting technique using fine “barbed” threads (also called supporting or Russian threads): this technique helps make your face look younger by gently lifting areas that have begun to sag – it can be used to rejuvenate the overall facial contour, the cheeks, the jowls or brow…

→ Used now since 20 years, this technique has a rapid “lift” effect, involves a short procedure (lasting about an hour) and is performed under local anaesthetic. Downtime is minimal and there are no visible scars.  The procedure is virtually pain-free and any bruising lasts about seven days.

It is most often used for patients under 50 who either do not need or do not want to go down the route of a traditional surgical lift.


This innovative procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic in a doctor’s surgery or outpatient facility. The aim is to insert clear, barbed threads and to anchor them within the deeper skin tissue to elevate targeted areas. The surgeon draws a blueprint on the patient’s face whilst he/she is sitting upright, to determine the best positioning and direction for the threads to correct a given area (brow, jaw line, cheeks and neck).

The patient will then be asked to lie down. The surgeon will make tiny incisions using a blunt-tipped guide (non-scarring) needle along the previously drawn contour lines. The facial threads are then inserted using the guide needle and once the thread is in place, the guide is removed. The threads may be adjusted to give the patient the same appearance as if he/she is lying down, when he/she is sitting.

Facial proportions are instantly corrected when we lie down. So recreating this gives us a rejuvenated and natural look. The barbed threads attach to the deeper skin tissue between the upper skin layer and the muscle (cf. face lift) effectively forming a mesh (cf. diagram) that elevates the sagging area without the need for removing any tissue and with no visible scars.

The threads may be absorbable or not. Absorbable threads are made from a blend of glycolic and polylactic acid and will be reabsorbed within a year. These threads can be renewed an unlimited number of times. They provide the ideal solution for patients who do not like the idea of having permanent threads.


Some discomfort (a bit like a “pulling” sensation) may be felt for a couple of days after the procedure but this can easily be managed with an anti-inflammatory or analgesics. Some patients will not even require this.

Depending on the individual, some bruising or swelling may occur that may last anything from 2 to 15 days. During the first two weeks following the procedure it is advisable to be gentle when washing/cleaning the face. However, downtime is minimal and patients can resume full sport activities within a month.


This is a non-surgical technique that can obtain a youthful appearance, lasting 4 years +.