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Cellfina® – What is it?

Cellfina® acts directly on the dimpled appearance of the skin and alters the underlying structural causes of cellulite.

Treatment is carried out under a local anaesthetic in a sterile operating theatre and will last for about 2 hours.

→ A single session suffices.

What happens during a CELLFINA® procedure?

Adipocytes, or fat-filled cells, typically appear in cells that are separated vertically and horizontally by septa or rigid fibres that do not stretch with the skin. When the fat cells become too big, they spill over the vertical septa and this leads to a dimpling of the skin.

The doctor uses a suction instrument to vacuum up each fatty cell that has appeared due to cellulite fibre. He or she then inserts a needle into the upper layers of the skin to help break down fibrous cellulite.

Post procedure ?

CELLFINA® is a virtually pain free procedure. There will be some swelling for a couple of days after the treatment and bruising may last for up to 10 days. A support panty is worn for a week. No visible scars.


Dimpling disappears and the skin is visibly smoother. Results can be seen after the 3rd day and the skin continues to improve for weeks and months. Results can last for up to 2 years.

CELLFINA® is a technique that has a high level of customer satisfaction: 85% of patients after 3 months; 94% after a year and 96% after 2 years.